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For the CEOs who want their employees to




The world’s first SoulCare platform connecting employees to on-demand, confidential conversations

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We help disengaged, disconnected workforces become more healthy + human. 
One conversation at a time.
Help employees to work live more
Unlock employees’ full potential
Reveal the power of a healthy workforce

Paraclete is the world’s first SoulCare platform for the workforce.

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Access to Guides through our easy-to-use platform

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Employees’ values are understood within the context of company values, and vice versa

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Confidential conversations for employees with  someone who cares more about who they become than what they do

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Integration, not compartmentalization, of all areas of life knowing there is no escaping the overlap between life and the workplace

How It Works

Our platform provides on-demand access to Guides, professionals trained at Paraclete University by leading PhDs and SoulCare Practitioners, who - without agenda or judgement - listen and talk with employees processing inevitable, unknown and unique life circumstances.

Let’s Do This


Employees reach out to Paraclete via email


Paraclete Guides conduct initial consultation to get to know the employee


Employee and Guide coordinate how and when future connections will take place


Guides serve as the employee’s confidant via consistent connections

We believe you truly care about your employees.

Full stop.

So let’s reclaim what it means to have a workforce of Human Beings, not Human Doings.

Conversations have the power to change lives.
Let’s start now...with you.