The world’s first SoulCare platform for the workforce.

For CEOs who want their employees to work live more, Paraclete connects employees to on-demand, confidential conversations about work, life, and everything in between.

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The practice of Whole Human Integration: integrating life, work and everything in between.

Built for all workforces and all humans who are tired of being tired.

Join teams of all demographics, backgrounds, and experiences.

How It Works

You’re not a robot 🤖 and neither is your team. You can finally give individual attention to every individual on your team.


Unlimited connection for every human

Our platform allows us to meet the needs of every employee on your team. Employees can book on Guides’ calendars whenever and as frequently as they’d like.


Personalized subscription for every human

We believe one size does not fit all. Your team gets the power to choose: their Guide, when they connect, how often they connect, topic or no topic.


Seamless tech to reach every human

Requiring just 2 minutes to activate and 20 seconds to book, our goal is to get your employees on the platform and using it as much and often as they want.

Real Words from Real Users

4.8/5 ⭐

Average User Rating After Every Connection

It was very helpful for my Guide to frame the conversation and help me think through what would be most valuable to talk about. Then, he provided wisdom and spoke into several issues. Personally, I would be hesitant to leave my company if it offered Paraclete.”

Director of Corporate Strategy
Venture-Backed Software Company

My conversation with my Guide went very well. I was able to openly talk to her about something that has been on my mind. Through our conversation, I was able to work through what I need to continue to work on and prioritize to maintain my mental health.”

Health and Wellness Coach

For the first 15 minutes of my call with my Guide, I was in the car due to an unexpected errand I had to run. My Guide’s questions were able to draw out areas of my life I needed to spend time thinking about. In my rushed morning, I would not have taken the time to process these things if I didn’t have the call scheduled.”

Nurse Coordinator
Medical Clinic

My Guide listened well, and we covered a really diverse range of topics together, which is what I needed.”

Senior Leader

See how Paraclete can unlock the power of your people.

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Guide, Not Prescribe.

Every Guide is expertly trained in SoulCare™ and workplace dynamics. We intentionally select our Guides to reflect the different experiences, demographics, and backgrounds of our society to ensure there is a well-matched Guide for every single person on your team.

Diverse Backgrounds and Multilingual

Workplace Experience

SoulCare™ Certified

Experience Multilingual   All Time Zones   SoulCare   Trained   Workplace

98% of Users said their wellbeing improved after just one Connection.


Utilization over traditional EAPs within 3 months


Average User rating after every Connection with a Guide


Average Guide rating given by Users following a Connection


of employees sign up within 3 months of launch


of employees who sign up complete a Connection

12 hours

time until next available Connection

Your people are 100% employee human. So, we’re not here to talk only about work.

In fact, one-third of our Connections have nothing to do with work. The other two thirds are about workplace dynamics. So, yes, work is what they do, but it’s just one of the many hats they wear.

Unleash the power of your people by treating them as 100% human.

Because healthy, present humans…

Stick with their employers through life's highs and lows

Enjoy their work and the people they do it with

Bring their full brain power, creativity and innovation to their job

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